Would you like to become a sponsor of Moodig?

Option 1

The first option of sponsoring is having us write an article about your product or service and it will be featured on our sidebar on every page.

Option 2

The second option of sponsoring  would be for us to put your logo in our footer.

Option 3

The third option of sponsoring is that we can write an article about something along the lines of  your product or service and include a link to your site. As we are honest people we must believe in your product before we will accept sponsorship.

Why sponsor and not advertising? What’s the difference?

As the most important thing to us is that our users have a good experience we’ve opted to not have giant banners or flashy ads that distract from the user experience.

We have made the decision to have a more controlled kind of advertising. This means we only accept sponsorship from people, products or services we believe in and would use ourselves.

All sponsorships options, length of time and cost are negotiated. If you are interested in sponsoring us, head over to our contact page and send us a message.

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Moodig!